Day 18


Mental health definitely feels like it’s on the upswing. I don’t want to jinx it, but I feel pretty good today, hopefully just in time to get my life back on track before I turn 22. Let’s hope.


Breakfast as usual, with strawberries and raspberries, vanilla greek yoghurt, and my Kashi granola. However I’m now out of granola, so I may leave a little extra time to get to work tomorrow morning to swing by and get some more, I love that stuff, it holds up so well in yoghurt and the cocoa works perfectly with the fruit.

Lunch was leftover curry and naan from last night, with… not really a lot of snacks. Huh. Maybe I didn’t eat as much as I thought today. Dinner is on the stove, and it will be my classic”it’s late and I don’t want to cook much” macaroni and cheese.


I went to Vinyasa Yoga at the university and had a magnificent time, I feel *amazing* right now! It turns out that two years ago when I got big into yoga, I was really getting into vinyasa yoga specifically, and it was what I had been looking for for years. So basically, I feel totally euphoric, and I am *definitely* going back next week. It feels nice to know that I can still do everything fine, and I still have my wheel pose which is great!

*hugs self and wanders around the house*


Day 16

Today is going to be a better day. She says hopefully.


It can be so easy just to slip into feeling sorry for yourself and sinking lower and lower and lower once you’ve dipped a bit.. Let’s hope I can beat that down, and get things back on track.


I’ll be honest, I’m not a massive fan of the kickboxing class. It’s a large class with a scary instructor, and it just doesn’t feel like me. But it’s something that I’m going to keep doing, because it encourages Dani to go, and because she encourages me.

Which is pretty much what happened, I’ll be sore tomorrow and I was seriously sweaty tonight, so thanks Dani!


It was a relief to get back to my good old greek yoghurt with raspberries and my favourite granola at the moment, this Kashi Cocoa Coconut one. Lunch was not as great, just one of the Michelina’s frozen things, some lemon meringue pie and some sweets, and dinner was mostly a Booster Juice because I couldn’t face solid food after kickboxing! And a little teeny snack on some caramel popcorn.

So all in all okay, but it’s been better

Days 12, 13, 14, 15

So I took a few days off, had an active (too active?) social life, and had a bad spell in terms of mental health. My eating kind of tailed off, accidentally of course, but goals for today include making sure I eat all three meals. (I’m definitely doing this whole “being an adult” thing well, right?)

I’m just going to gloss over these days, I did not do much exercise, and I didn’t eat well, but everyone has them. I was thinking originally of just excluding them from 100Days all together, but that would perhaps be dishonest of me.


Another goal for today is to drink more water, because I think some of my iffy mood has been because I’ve been dehydrated. It currently seems like most people around me are giving off some sort of angst, and it’s taking a lot of strength not to let that get to me. Things I need to focus on for today is not letting my eating, my exercising, or my social life get tumbled up in all of the emotions around me like I have done recently.


There really wasn’t a lot on these days, I’ll be honest. However on Sunday (Day 14) I did manage to get to the pool. I didn’t do a lot, because I wasn’t running on a lot of sleep and I was pretty deep in a low for me, but it was nice to get in the pool anyway. I didn’t really keep track of my set, I just swam for a bit, then kicked for a long time, then pulled for a long time, and did a couple of lengths of butterfly kick and one-arm fly. It was enough just to get me out of the house to be honest.


I’ve for the most part managed to eat all three meals, except for sunday when my “dinner” was a smoothie, and I dont think that counts. Actually it was half a smoothie, I had the other half for breakfast on Day 15. However! I did manage to go grocery shopping on Day 15, so now I have more granola, fruit, and yohurt which has become a mainstay breakfast and is a nice constant in my life.

Day 11

Actually, I might as well write this now. (This is going to be a bit of a short post)


Another bad day at work, where I was even considering getting a quick run in the release the tension even though it was snowing. However, I made it, and hopefully the evening is worth it.


My plan for today was to dance. I’m going “out on the town” with the roommates (yes I know it’s a Thursday, it’s special circumstances). No details yet though, because we haven’t left yet.


I had a great breakfast with a full cheese omelette, two slices of toast and a hashbrown. Lunch was… small because of that. I had a clementine and some more cauliflower with ranch. Dinner has yet to happen, but I have had some pie 🙂

I’m expecting dinner to be fast food to be quite honest….


Day 10

I honestly just ran out of time to post this last night, and I’m expecting tonight to be the same but oh well 🙂


Today was an emotional exhausting day at work, and the whole day I kept repeating “I just want to go swimming” like a mantra. I did my best to keep it together, and I almost fell asleep as soon as I got home, but still pulled it together to go swimming, sort of.


I did sort of manage to go swimming, however the big lane swimming pool was closed, so we were stuck in the smaller red pool… along with *everyone* else. They did their best, they put a few lanes in, but it was crowded and very very warm.. I did 100m free kick, 100m free pull and 100m free full before I got too hot, moved onto treading water with weights for a few minutes, and then resorted to water walking because I felt like I was in danger of dropping the weights on the guy playing underwater hockey beneath me (yes, underwater hockey, that wasn’t a joke, look it up). So, maybe not the best swim I’ve ever had, but it was something.


Food kind of hinged on time today. Breakfast was just cereal and yoghurt because the berries took too long to wash and cut up, lunch was a fruit cup and a fibre one bar because I was rushed, and dinner was macaroni and cheese before swimming and cauliflower and ranch dip after swimming. It was basically eat what you can, when you can.

Day 9


Okay, today was better. I got up when my alarm went off, made a GIGANTIC and delicious breakfast (which I still had to eat at work not at home, but its better than nothing), and just generally felt like I had my mojo back. I don’t know exactly what changed, but everything just went right, even my science went okay at work, which is a godsend on a project that has been… challenging so far. However, it’s becoming increasingly clear that I’m going to have to work on some meal planning at some point, because I’m just really crap at eating when its not all perfectly planned out for me. However, after tomorrow I’m pretty much going out for food until Sunday evening because of my social life, so maybe I’ll just tack a mini-plan for tomorrow onto the end of this post.


Today was kickboxing with Dani, which was… honestly not what I was expecting. It was the closest I’ve ever come to one of those cardio classes, just a bunch of girls in yoga pants being yelled at by a tough-looking woman at the front of the class and loud pop music wearing. But honestly, even if it wasn’t something I would have gone to by myself, I’m glad I went, and I would be game to go back next week. I kind of got lost when she started doing sequences of moves:

Instructor: “jab jab hook now kick”

Rose: “wait you want me to do what?” *waves fists feebly*

But I’m told that gets better once you’ve done a few classes. So, as long as I never have to go alone, I would be happy to go again.

My face after the class says it all I think:


And, once again, oh my god, the University of Guelph’s athletic facilities are great, I’m so happy I finally have a membership!


So, I think I could have done better today, but I’m not super upset either.

Breakfast was a gloriously large helping of greek yoghurt, strawberries, and Kashi Cocoa Spice cereal, mostly because the only container I could find to take this stuff to work with me was absolutely massive. I didn’t feel my normal slump and hunger pangs around 11:30 today, which was great!

Lunch was leftover curry and a bit of naan, with a clementine and some cauliflower and ranch dip as a snack, which doesn’t sound like much, but it was all I needed after that magnificent breakfast! And dinner… Could have been better. I had a Booster Juice, because I felt like I was in need of some serious refreshment after that class, and when I got home.. I couldn’t ignore the Pillsbury Easter cookies in my fridge forever… I had a few.

I’m likely going to need to eat again later, but I’m going to strive to keep it healthy after that, maybe more cauliflower and ranch…. or some white cheddar macaroni and cheese! (mmmm)

I think I’m doing okay so far. I haven’t seen the mental health and energy and all the other benefits that John has talked about, but I think I’m doing well seeing as this has been entirely self-directed. I’m also hoping that I’ll get there, I want to make eating well, eating regularly, and exercising a habit, so it becomes a part of my life that will continue past 100Days and when I’m not constantly putting it on my blog. We’ll get there, in time.

Meal Plan for March 29th, 2017

Breakfast: I still have some leftover berries, so once again, yoghurt, strawberries, cereal, with my customary ground flax and coconut.

Lunch: Rice cakes and peanut butter

Snack: Fibre 1 bar, clementine, apple-caramel pudding cup

Dinner: I need to actually bake those potatoes! And eat them with Kale Salad with ranch (and maybe feta if there is some?)