Days 30 and 31


So, at the moment it seems like I’m exercising so often I haven’t had time to write about it, which is where you want to be right? If I suddenly stop posting, that’ll be why, which to me sounds very ideal. These days have been *great*, I’ve been working really hard on getting my life “on track” by doing all of the things that have been languishing on my to-do list for ages and cleaning up my house, I really feel like I’m getting somewhere this week. Eating is still my biggest challenge, and I wouldn’t be surrpised if I moved my posts just towards eating, because it’s still the thing I struggle with.


People around me are starting to realize that I’ve spent the last month becoming a bit of a “yes man” especially when it comes to exercise, I’m willing to try anything so long as I have a buddy. So when one of my coworkers found herself with extra time she said “hey, let’s go to the gym” and I was her willing partner, for two days running so far. I love exercising with other people, I find they really motivate me and I think both of us pushed harder together than we would have alone.

Viv’s gym style is unusual, she starts off with a workout on the cardio machines, which was the stairmaster one day and the stationary bikes the other, then stretches everything out, especially legs. She usually also does a bit of core, and on the second day we did a little bit of butt and thighs too, which was nice. Day 30 we went considerably harder than 31; by the second day we were pretty sore. So we did more cardio machines the first day, with some time spent on bikes and elipticals. On the second day, I was determined to try rowing, and as expected I was a fan, although I wasn’t wearing the right shoes… Definitely going to go back to that with different shoes!

The strange thing I’ve noticed about this “exercise but with lots of stretching” is that the soreness the next day is really weird. Becuase of the stretching the stiffness isn’t there, so it’s just more of an… ache. As in, I could move everything fine, but I just didn’t want to stand more often than I had to because it made my lower body ache. It was really strange!


This is the bit of the post I don’t look forward to writing. I’ve had a fair amount of Booster Juice these last couple of days, and my goal is to not let that happen again, I mean you could do a lot worse than Booster Juice but it’s not going to fuel you properly, only fill you up. Breakfast for both days has been the standard granola and berries and yoghurt, lunch on Day 30 was a weightwaters fettucine alfredo, and on Day 31 it was a greek salad, and dinners have been… not great. Day 30 was okay; I had my usual mac and cheese, but this time with the addition of vegan turkey, garlic, and parmesan, and Day 31.. pizza. I caved. I didn’t even enjoy it because I was so thirsty and still so full from the smoothie. I didn’t feel great after, so I hope that teaches me…

I also want to make it clear that I’m not shaming myself for eating pizza! I love pizza, and there is a time and a place for it, in the words of Chris from the 100Days youtube channel “I’m not going to go the rest of my life wihout eating pizza” HOWEVER that does not making a good thing to eat after a workout, because man did it make my stomach and just my body in general feel like crap.



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