Days 25, 26, 27, 28, 29

So, maybe I have a lot of catching up to do. However, in my defence, it was Easter weekend and I didn’t have internet


These days were pretty juxtaposed; there was some really major stress that went down in them, mostly related to work, but there was also some intense relaxation as I spent the Easter weekend in the glorious stillness of Lake Muskoka. Not having my parents around because they’re down south of the border for a month or so was really stressful, I had to make a lot of “grown up” decisions about my work, my finances, and my living situation without them for the first time. So it was really nice to get away to a place without wifi for a bit and just decompress after all that.


I’ll be honest, exercise in these days was a bit hit and miss. Two of the days (25 and 27) the only exercise I got was to go walking for a bit, which is better than nothing but still not what I would call an aerobic workout. Day 26 included two hours of kayaking and enjoying the nice weather, which meant a suntan and some seriously sore arms and shoulders… I wish I could do that more often while im in the city, it was a great workout while still being relaxing and fun!

Day 28 was an interesting experience, I did an abs workout with a future Olympian and hurt for days after. I couldn’t quite remember all of it, however to the best of my memory, here it is:

30s per each exercise


-side plank

-other side

-back plank

-leg lifts with a bend going upwards (because i dont know any of the name this is going to be interesting…)

-leg lifts with a bend going downwards

-superman (up and down, not holding)

-banana splits (superman but lifting opposite arm and leg)

-dead bug (raising opposite arms and legs)

-sit ups with your legs up, reaching your toes

-russian twists

-situps where you reach to touch your toes, but this time your legs are on the groun

-a hold at the end, where it was the “boat pose” from yoga for 15s, then with legs extended for the last 15s.

I’m definitely missing a few, but oh well 😛


I’ll be honest, the details of what I ate are now lost to me, however I know I ate well, and consistently, with lots of whole foods and veggies; I was being fed by *actual* adults. I know there was a very nice asparagus-spinach fritata, and some stuffed peppers, and at once point there were apple slices dipped in pancake batter for breakfast!


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