Day 24


Once again a tired day, and a day where I had a few bombshells dropped on me at work, so one of those days I will have to try harder than usual to keep my eating and exercising on track, because in the past a few bad days in a row have led to disaster.


Okay, I’ll admit I didn’t do anything more than walk to work and back tonight, but I think I needed a rest day, I’ve been so crazily tired recently that I needed a day to get back on track.


Breakfast was once again, a muffin, I’m going to keep eating those until I run out because they certainly don’t last long. Lunch was all you can eat sushi, which also meant I didn’t really want dinner at night either, which is completely respectable if you ask me.

Short update today because not much happened and I’m just so blasted tired. I’ll work on that, for now, goodnight


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