Day 23


I missed this post yesterday because it was a bit exhausting, I hadn’t slept enough and I was grumpy and tired the whole day. I tried my best to keep posititive, and I did alright, but it’s always harder to when you don’t have enough sleep behind you.

I’ve also found that the last few days have been really high anixety, and the boundary of “not okay” has been a lot closer to the surface, possibly because of the poor food choices I’ve made recently.


As much as I really didn’t want to, I stil managed to exercise last night, and I ended up glad I did. We went to the pool as we normally do and my set was (to the best of my memory) as follows:

100 free full

200 free kick

200 free pull

~400 free full at a faster pace (I used my swim buddy as a pacer – he’s faster than I am and has a height advantage, so I joined him for about 400m to get my heart rate up)

50 free kick (to get my heart rate back to normal)

200 dolphin kick with flippers

100 one-arm fly with flippers

50 free kick with flippers

50 fly with flippers

50 free kick no flippers

100 back (timed at 1:40, not bad for having tired myself out with that 400 earlier)

50 free kick cool down

A little all over the place, but it got the job done.


I did a little better on the not eating junk food front today, although I think I have a ways to go to eating enough nutritious food to fuel my body. I also don’t think I drank enough water today, which likely contributed to my mood.

Breakfast was two more slightly unappetizing muffins; if you have them with water they’re okay in the end, and I think microwaving them might be a thing to try. Lunch was the salad I purchased the day before with spinach, walnuts, blueberries, strawberries and dried cranberries. It felt good to be eating veggies again, because I kind of let life go off the rails a bit recently the vegetable crisper in my fridge currently contains no veggies, just alcohol.. Dinner was late, because I had it after swimmming, but it was pasta with olive oil and feta, which I made extra of to have in the next few days. I also had a few snacks on some popcorn and some malteasers.


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