Days 19, 20, 21


I’ve realized that I stuggle more with weekends than during the week, maybe because the sort of routine I have during the week falls to pieces and maye because I travel a lot to go see friends on weekends, who knows. This weekend was not my best in terms of self-care, it involved a lot of late nights, some (maybe a little more) alcohol, and generally poor food choices. I think that next weekend I will have to make an active effort to make sure I stay on track.

However, in terms of mental health, I’ve had a fairly good week, I’ve for the most part stayed positive and kept myself going when I lapsed a bit, so that’s progress. However it took a lot of effort, likely because I was so overtired and I was eating badly, both of which can predispose me to a “bad day”.


I *sort of* managed the exercise thing this weekend, which I guess is better than it has been. Friday night I went to Glow-in-the-dark Yoga, which to be honest wasn’ta great experience, although it was still good exercise. I’m just not used to yoga where you can’t see the instructor, are to close to yuor neighbour and the music playing is not the soothing strains of yoga music, but blaring pop music… Personal preference 🙂

That music was much more applicable to Saturday’s exercise which was dancing like madwomen with my roommates on a night out on the town… that counts right? 🙂

Sunday I sadly missed my planned swimming because I got help up on my travels and didn’t make it home in time, however I did go for a walk when I got home Sunday by taking the long way home, so again, that counts right? 🙂


Food… totally fell apart this weekend to be honest. I think I averaged about 1.7 meals a day, which would have been bad had they been healthy meals, but they weren’t even that. I really have to make sure to get back on track for the begining of this week, because I know that sometimes a couple of bad days can make me just want to give up, which doesn’t help anything. I consumed a lot of pizza and Booster Juice this weekend, so another goal is to eat more fresh and home cooked food.

I *did* attempt to make some muffins as an easy breakfast, however they turned out super dry, so it just felt like the universe was against me eating well.

Better luck next week?



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