Day 17


It’s been a slow, tired day today that started slowly with a late morning. So, it certainly has room for improvement, I’m hoping to make the latter half a much more productive one!


Swimming today! I hurt my arm at work (too much pipetting) so it was a kick based day for the most part

100 free full

200 free kick

50 free pull

2 x 200 free kick with flippers

4 x 50 fly kick with flippers

200 free kick no flippers

100 free full

or, more or less, I don’t remember all of the messing around bit while I tried to structure a kick-based workout.

Also, I figure I should record my times for 100 back so far

I had a 1:37 when I first tried, and a very tired 1:55, let’s see if I can get it down by the end of this! (I think my PB is 1:22)


Breakfast was my standard granola with raspberries and yoghurt, although I forgot to add the ground flax this time! Because of the rushing out the door so I wasn’t late for work this morning, I didn’t have time to pack a lunch, so I had to go out for lunch and unforuntately succumbed to the call of poutine.. not my healthiest choice. I had some microwave curry for dinner because I was too lazy to deal.


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