Days 12, 13, 14, 15

So I took a few days off, had an active (too active?) social life, and had a bad spell in terms of mental health. My eating kind of tailed off, accidentally of course, but goals for today include making sure I eat all three meals. (I’m definitely doing this whole “being an adult” thing well, right?)

I’m just going to gloss over these days, I did not do much exercise, and I didn’t eat well, but everyone has them. I was thinking originally of just excluding them from 100Days all together, but that would perhaps be dishonest of me.


Another goal for today is to drink more water, because I think some of my iffy mood has been because I’ve been dehydrated. It currently seems like most people around me are giving off some sort of angst, and it’s taking a lot of strength not to let that get to me. Things I need to focus on for today is not letting my eating, my exercising, or my social life get tumbled up in all of the emotions around me like I have done recently.


There really wasn’t a lot on these days, I’ll be honest. However on Sunday (Day 14) I did manage to get to the pool. I didn’t do a lot, because I wasn’t running on a lot of sleep and I was pretty deep in a low for me, but it was nice to get in the pool anyway. I didn’t really keep track of my set, I just swam for a bit, then kicked for a long time, then pulled for a long time, and did a couple of lengths of butterfly kick and one-arm fly. It was enough just to get me out of the house to be honest.


I’ve for the most part managed to eat all three meals, except for sunday when my “dinner” was a smoothie, and I dont think that counts. Actually it was half a smoothie, I had the other half for breakfast on Day 15. However! I did manage to go grocery shopping on Day 15, so now I have more granola, fruit, and yohurt which has become a mainstay breakfast and is a nice constant in my life.


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