Day 10

I honestly just ran out of time to post this last night, and I’m expecting tonight to be the same but oh well 🙂


Today was an emotional exhausting day at work, and the whole day I kept repeating “I just want to go swimming” like a mantra. I did my best to keep it together, and I almost fell asleep as soon as I got home, but still pulled it together to go swimming, sort of.


I did sort of manage to go swimming, however the big lane swimming pool was closed, so we were stuck in the smaller red pool… along with *everyone* else. They did their best, they put a few lanes in, but it was crowded and very very warm.. I did 100m free kick, 100m free pull and 100m free full before I got too hot, moved onto treading water with weights for a few minutes, and then resorted to water walking because I felt like I was in danger of dropping the weights on the guy playing underwater hockey beneath me (yes, underwater hockey, that wasn’t a joke, look it up). So, maybe not the best swim I’ve ever had, but it was something.


Food kind of hinged on time today. Breakfast was just cereal and yoghurt because the berries took too long to wash and cut up, lunch was a fruit cup and a fibre one bar because I was rushed, and dinner was macaroni and cheese before swimming and cauliflower and ranch dip after swimming. It was basically eat what you can, when you can.


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