Day 8


I think what I underestimated the most about this whole adventure was how to keep doing it when my mental health wasn’t top-notch. Today wasn’t a great day in that respect, and… well I sort of held it together. I didn’t follow yesterday’s advice for how to make the morning great, and lo and behold the morning wasn’t great, so goals for tomorrow is to *actually* follow my own advice!


I don’t even feel like this section should have a bolded title. I walked to work, I guess? My plan is to do some yoga before bed, but I feel bad about counting it before I’ve done it. Better luck tomorrow…

However, I’m not mad at myself, because my reason for not doing exercise was partially because I had a social event planned with my work-mates, and having human contact is also a really good form of self-care!


To be honest, today was more carb-based than it should have been.  Breakfast was a banana and some cereal (separately, because that was how my morning went), lunch was a Michelina’s frozen entree, so not the healthiest, I didn’t bother with any snacks, and for dinner I ate some elvish Lembas bread (otherwise known as bannock) at my local boardgames cafe when I was out with my coworkers. I’ve included a picture because it was so pretty! However, maybe not the most nutritious option, although the addition of beet hummus probably upped the nutrient content a bit.


I didn’t get a picture of it unfolded, but it was basically cornbread.

So, at least I ate all three meals today and didn’t snack too much, which are things I usually have problems with when my mind isn’t cooperating, I think that’s a gold star for me!

Speaking of which, I found this song to be super inspirational:

Happy Monday everyone.


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