This is the FO post for what I have been affectionately calling my Grandmara; a mara shawl by Madelinetosh for my grandmother. 


The picture at the top was taken by me and edited to try and capture the colour as well as I could, and it ended up pretty accurate! The rest of the pictures were taken by my less than tech-savvy parents, so they aren’t the most flattering of either me or the shawl. Oh well.

This squishy bundle of purple ruffles still needs a good wash and block, the former especially, as it travelled a great many journeys on the Toronto transit system with me and is decidedly not clean enough for a gift. Buuuut, Im saving up the FOs to do a blocking party because I’ve got a bunch of things that will all need doing all about to come off the needles when I get around to it, so might as well get it all over with together. 

The yarn is… Bernat? Maybe? It’s a soft yet cheap acrylic yarn that I bought to make a sweater for myself with that I never really loved so I pulled out the half a back that I had done. It’s not the highest quality, but it is soft and warm and gets the job done, as well as is machine washable, and made some space in the stash for some exciting new enhancements from the Royal Winter Fair (more on that to come: watch for a post on local yarn).

That’s another gift off the list! Stay tuned for lots of socks and hopefully a blanket.


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