October Loves

A picture of yarn-bombing in Fairy Lake Park, Newmarket to start us off.

I’m certainly not as diligent as Andi from My Sister’s Knitter in doing loves every month, but I really love the idea of sharing things we love on the blogosphere, and October is when all the fall knitting really ramps up, so I thought it was time.

  • First and foremost, I love everything that is happening for Slow Fashion October. I find myself cringing and wondering why I ever believed that there were no downsides of my addiction to fast fashion, and I really plan to embrace the ideals of slow fashion, this is a movement that speaks to me. I’ve been really focusing on changing the way I think about “stuff” and consumerism. I’m a pack-rat (read: hoarder) by nature, and I’ve always been told that I have “too much stuff and I have to get rid of things” (I can hear my dad’s voice in my head now). But the problem was that whenever I got rid of things I felt justified in getting more things! This meant that everything I owned, not just clothes, but them in particular, had a massively high turnover rate! I was appreciating the feeling of buying things, not the feeling of valuing what I already had. So now, I’m focusing not so much on getting rid of things, but not accumulating things. I have so many amazing things that I love, I need to appreciate what I have, and curb my impulse to buy. If you have absolutely no idea what I’m on about please visit and join the movement at the Fringe Association blog, and specifically go look at this post, read all the links, and definitely definitely definitely watch the video, I’ve seen it three times in two days, it moved me so much. 
  • This next love is not specific to October, the original post was from August I think, but I have been reading through the archives of the Serene Fibre Arts blog and loved this description of how she takes a fleece and makes it into a yarn. This process has always fascinated me, I don’t spin (yet: I’m taking a beginner drop spindle class at the Purple Purl in November-yippee!)
  • This isn’t so much something I love, but more of a sending out of love to a fellow crafter. Roobeedoo has been doing so much beautiful knitting in waiting rooms, waiting for news on the health of a loved one. I want to pass on Internet hugs and love and best wishes for his health her way. 
  • Tiny Happy found some lovely forget-me-nots and did the most beautiful teeny embroideries. I am always so awed by people who can embroider effectively, I keep trying by its never quite as nice! I keep telling myself that all of these lovely bloggers probably also had crooked stitches to begin with. 

And finally, not related to knitting, this great coffee shop on Queen Street East, in Toronto:

The Sidekick Café always has a joke on that chalkboard outside their shop and it brightens my commute as I go past it.

Today’s joke: My friend had a pile of books fall on him and he only had his shelf to blame. 

Happy Monday everyone



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