Bonus Sheep!

I forgot to add about my new project bag! 

 Bought from a local arts and crafts market from Tatiana Kozlov, I present the bonus sheep!

(Sorry about the iffy picture. I never get time to blog before it gets dark)

Please go check her out! I love all the things she makes, I want one of each of her bags for my projects. Aaaaaand, she lines her bags in different colours, so the inside of mine is a very fetching orange 🙂

She was so surprised when she told me that this was her last sheep bag, she hadn’t expected them to sell so well. I almost said “it must have been the knitters” but then realized that might require more explanation than I had time to give!

Anyway. I’m in love. 


One thought on “Bonus Sheep!

  1. allupinmyyarn Post author

    Having looked around a bit, it doesn’t seem like Tatiana has an online shop, but if you’re interested in her work, let me know, I have contact info for her, and I can put you in touch!



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