I tried, I really did

Anyone reading my blog might think 

Gosh, she hasn’t finished anything in a while.

And while that would be a fair assumption, it’s certainly not true. It’s just that everything I’ve been making recently is secret.

I’m wading through the Christmas knitting, so I don’t want to publish it before the recipient sees it, just I case.

I’ve also managed to wrap some of the gifts without taking photos of them. So I suppose I’ll get them on the intended recipient.

There will be a terrible deluge of gift knitting posts after Christmas to be sure.

But, I finally have a not-secret project.

Yes I already have socks for me on the needles. Yes I cast on another pair.

The pattern is this one and the yarn is nameless stash fingering weight. They are going to be ankle socks, and it is my first try at Magic-loop toe-up socks (one at a time for now) 

But as you can see, they didn’t stay on the magic loop for long. 
I found myself craving the comfort of DPNs after only on teeny row on the heel. I didn’t like the cables going everywhere, I didn’t like that my yarn caught on the join and I didn’t like the feel of the yarn on the cables.

So, while this is not to say I will never try magic loop again, these socks are being made on double points. But they are toe-up.

One new thing at a time right?

P.S. Check out the adorable little stitch marker, it’s tiny embroidery scissors, though they aren’t sharp. I got it from the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters Fair, though I sadly can’t remember the name of the vendor!


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