To Jack

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving and if you look hard at the picture you can see the vegetarian turkey.

Today is also the day we lost our beloved pet and friend, Jack.

He was 18-19 years old, we think, but we are not sure, because he was a rescue cat. We’ve had him for almost 17 years anyway. He was diabetic, had a heart murmur, cancer, and arthritis. He had outlived every expectation. But when I came downstairs this morning he was in an awkward position and was barely breathing, and I knew his time had come. 

The vet said it was a natural death, his age and his ailments had just caught up with him and his body was shutting down.

All the same it was hard to watch as they euthanized him.

It felt weird to leave him there, and go home to cook a thanksgiving meal. It didn’t seem right somehow, but what else were we going to do? There wasn’t anything more we could have given him, and I am happy knowing that he had a long and happy life with people who loved him.

We toasted at the beginning of our meal, something we rarely do.

To Jack, our loyal friend to the last.



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