I’m so behind. There is an awful lot of craft-related stuff going on around here at the moment, but between finishing off being an orientation week leader at Waterloo and starting my new job at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto (it’s alarming how much my autocorrect wanted to change that to Sock Children. I suppose I do talk about socks quite a bit on here) I really haven’t and don’t have time. So while you’re waiting, im going to buy forgiveness with cat pictures.

Not my cat, just an adorable friend I made on my way home today while he was out sunning himself on his porch 🙂












Isn’t he a handsome fella? I’ve never seen a cat with that colouration, salt and pepper style 🙂

Bonus picture of his next door neighbour:


The only movement he made the whole time I was there was to rotate his head so he could keep watching me. I have no idea what he’s doing, but I thought it was kind of sweet, albeit a bit strange.

There will be fibre soon, promise!


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