The Zombie Cowl

My lovely friend Ben, who you may remember from the gift tea way back when, has terrible luck when it comes to employment. Enough said.

So, to make him feel better, I decided to make him a gift and mail it to him. 

A note about Ben: Most (every?) semester our university puts on a Humans vs Zombies campus-wide game, where people end up chasing each other around and shooting nerf guns. I’ve never been interested in being chased between classes, but I love watching my friends who get really into it. The way I always see Ben in my head is dressed in his full zombie-hunter costume, armed to the teeth with all manner of nerf guns. So the zombie hunter cowl was to go with this aesthetic, and also to keep him warm in the winter, so he can hunt white walkers instead (I’m part-way through my audiobook of Game of Thrones. Forgive the reference).

So, without further ado, the Zombie-Hunter Cowl:

Ignore my bad selfies.

The pattern was loosely based on the Man Cowl from Knitscene, though I took a lot of liberties with the pattern. For one, I used size 13 needles, my new HiyaHiya Sharps, which were a good fit for the purpose, as they needed to be sharp to pick up the 3 strands of dk/worsted wool I used in lieu of the 2 strands of bulky written in the pattern. But, as Tiny Happy would say “it was a bit of a finger workout” as they were indeed sharp

I just used random bits of stash to make it, including a lovely oatmeal coloured worsted yarn that I really wish I knew the name of, I can’t for the life of me find the ballband. 

I mailed it today, so I hope he likes it.

Let the hunt begin.

(For anyone really paying close attention, I also did one less repeat of the pattern and added an extra four rows to the garter border on the bottom for extra coziness around the bottom)


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