Walking shadows

Last night we went to see MacBeth. Done outside in a public park, with puppets, set in a near future after an environmental collapse.

It sounded hilariously ambitious, and I went in without many expectations. 

It is a real credit to Shakespeare in the Ruff that they made what sounded like a joke into a really fantastic show. The puppets were haunting and made of bones and sticks, and it was fantastic how much emotion a face that didn’t change could convey. There is a picture of the title puppet on the website. I would absolutely go again, and I sincerely recommend it to anyone who lives in the Toronto area, it is performed in Riverdale’s Withrow Park, and it runs until the 31st of August.

I obviously got no pictures of the show, that would have been rude to the performers, but I did take a few of the rest of our evening.

Dinner in a Greek restaurant up the road: 

I loved the style of the plates, and was quite entranced by the names of the drinks on the cocktail menu:

It’s all Greek to me really 🙂

They also went to the trouble of importing Greek beer, which held a timely message: 

“Fix Greece”

…yes someone needs to get on that. I’ve been watching the Greek crisis with a sort of morbid fascination.

And a picture of the set before the show started:

Very minimalist, but used effectively, I guess it was supposed to look like a wasteland.

I really cannot recommend the show enough, it’s pay what you can, so if you live in the area there’s really no excuse not to go. It’s an inventive and fresh take on an age old play, but unlike many adaptations I’ve seen, it doesn’t try too hard to *not be shakespeare* if you know what I mean.

Enjoy your summer nights while they last!



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