Home at last

I took some time off the blog in order to finish my exams and move back to my parents’ house. I’m working in my hometown (homecity I suppose, hard to call Toronto a town) until Christmas, which gives me lots of time to sort out all of the things that have been dumped in my bedroom while I’ve been at school. I’ve been really enjoying re-exploring the neighbourhood I grew up in, and reconnecting with my parents after having been away for a year.

That said, my needles have not been idle, I have an obscene amount of things to catch up on in this space.

The scrapulous blanket is I’ve been working on for most of the semester is done 😀 It was made using little pieces of wool I had lying around all put together in garter stitch, leaving ends to form a fringe. I ignored yarn weights, which was kind of fun, so this piece contains sock yarn, bulky yarn, novelty yarn, anything goes!

It has already been pressed into service on my bed, as the hot summer nights are beginning to cool down, heralding the onset of autumn that is to come.

Some of the next group of FO’s are quite old, but I loved the way they looked together:

I have no plans for the grey and red hats, they will likely be donated to a charity along with the baby ensemble. The wash cloth is meant for a gift, the brown tweed hat for my grandfather, and the purple socks for me!

I don’t think the last picture truly did the socks justice.

These are my Nice Ribbed Socks by Glenna C. that I started ages ago and only just got around to finishing. They’re made with an acrylic yarn, but it’s soft as sin, and I already love these socks. I’m hoping the acrylic will add some longevity to them, just yesterday I had to get rid of the first socks I had ever made for myself, there is a limit to how many times you can darn holes.

So these are a welcome replacement!

It feels very nice to have those FO’s photographed, I actually had my ribbed socks finished well before the semester was over but I didn’t allow myself to wear them until they were on the blog!

There are all kinds of works in progress around here, and works that have yet to be started! I have my annual Christmas ornament to think about, gifts for my Alex and any other I think are deserving of handmade things, and I’d like to make a stuffie for a new baby that has come into the life of a friend of a friend, simply because she named the kid Darwin, and the science geek in me is very pleased.

In non-knitting news:

I went to wander around St. Jacobs village for the first time since I moved to Waterloo, and I loved it. I was so excited that I got very few pictures, except of these lovely quilts and the model train exhibit. There is apparently a much bigger model train in the village, but it wasn’t open when we went, which was a shame. There was also a group of local artists housed in an old silo, and in there I found some local wool

And I was very pleased.

I did say this wasn’t knitting related, didn’t I? Oh well, it pervades my life a bit apparently 🙂

Back in Waterloo I was pleased to find a flower show, in which I think there was some form of judging, though I never really found out what it was, except that it was run by the local horticultural society. I just thought the blooms were so pretty.

I think that last one looks rather a lot like the one I found in Alex’s neighbour’s yard, do you think it could be the same one?

Looking at the pictures now they’re definitely not the same, but it’s a lovely flower nonetheless!

And in more natural news, my mum’s work picnic was a bit more outdoorsy than most, her work being at the Nature Conservancy of Canada. I’ll spare you all the pictures I took of different types of native trees for a scavenger hunt, but it was a lovely nature reserve we went to just outside Milton, so I took some pictures of our picnic area:

And I think that’s all! A long post to be sure, but hopefully I won’t be gone for as long this time!




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