Tutorial 2: Weaving ends into ribbing

While I was weaving in ends from the last tutorial, I realized making the same sock pattern over and over again has made me quite good at weaving ends into ribbing, and I am not sure if my method is unique or not. I sure didn’t learn it from anywhere, but that’s not to say it’s not already a thing. On the offchance it isn’t, I thought I would share it here. 

This is my method for invisibly and sturdily weaving in ends into ribbing, and I’m quite pleased with it to be quite honest.

Step 1: Thread your yarn end onto a tapestry needle. (This works best with a relatively long yarn end)

Step 2: Stick the needle horizontally under the first “v”.

Pull through.

Step 3: Do the same motion coming from the other direction through the “v” below the one just just worked.

Rinse and repeat along the rib.

This hides your ends quite well while allowing a lot of end to be woven in, a good safety mechanism if you ever need to repair your work but have long since used the rest of that colour yarn.

I tend to do this along the inside of a ribbed garment, but it is also suitable for a reversible one, as it is invisible on both sides. 

See? Pretty much gone.

When I’m working with a wool yarn or something that felts a bit with time I also tend to leave a little bit of a tail because I know it will felt in upon the first wearing, and it secures your tail just a little bit more. 

Hope this was helpful! Let me know if there are any more tutorials you would like me to do. I think I will also make a tab on my blog so people can find them more easily.

Happy Thursday!


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