I am strong. I am not weak.

I am not the antidepressants and the sedatives and the sleeping pills and the painkillers. I am growing strong.

A little bit of unusual imagery for today. But I thought it was powerful.

I sat by the side of the road, picking wildflower and arranging them. But when I got home I couldn’t find anything that was the right size for their delicateness…. Except an empty pull container that used to contain a sedative.

When I finished arranging them, I realized what I’d done. I’d created a metaphor. Because yeah, I’m on all sorts of things to keep me “normal.” But there’s still that bit of abnormality, those wildflowers in all of us, that no amount of drugs can totally kill. I like to think of that as my creativity, and that image keeps me going on the bad days.

Happy Sunday, and as My Sister’s Knitter says “have the best day today.”

Title from this song, by the fantastic Polly Scattergood.


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