I took a stock of my WIPs the other day. And, given that a few are on hold until I properly learn how to make a swatch, measure gauge, and block a thing, I don’t actually have that much on the needles. So I thought it was time to unearth an old project, the My Favourite Things Scarf from ages back. You would be correct in thinking there has been very little in the way of work in progress photos for this project. This is primarily because I started this when I was still very new to stranded knitting and my tension is all wonky. So i’m not posting it until I have successfully learned how to block, so the world doesn’t think I’m a terrible knitter 🙂

But, I am surprisingly close to being finished. Meaning I need to find a new chart to follow for now. And so this post is my “inspiration post” in which I assess the charts I’ve been saving for ages on pinterest and ravelry.

magicMy Alex is currently at a Magic The Gathering (a card game, for those who are unaware)
competition, so I’m kind of drawn toward this Magic The Gathering Scarf, but quite honestly, I don’t
even know what the symbols mean. Maybe I’ll make the scarf for him, he might appreciate it far more than me 🙂 I love the black and white, I can’t for the life of me keep straight all the colours in the game so this is a nice simplification. Perhaps I’ll cast on at some point…

rune hatI also love the idea of this rune hat, so perhaps I could make my name in runes for the scarf… hmm, the possibilities! They appear to have quite a lot of chart possibilities, so this is definitely high on my list.

I also absolutely ADORE the idea of the Circle of Friends pattern. Since moving to Harrow in January, and now coming back to Waterloo, I’ve realized how important those friendships we made out in the middle of nowhere were, and how my circle of friends has grown 🙂

octopodesI also LOVE the Octopodes pattern by Jennifer Raymond, but part of me wants to save using the chart for when I make the socks. I also have a love of Cephalopods, and just think cuttlefish are the best. So the biology geek in me needs those socks right now.

I’ve also been reading the blog of Little Cotton Rabbits, and am really looking forward to making a bunch of her patterns (I even bought some notecards!). She’s got some great hedgehog stories, and made some adorable little pincushions, so I’m seriously tempted by this hedgehog love, not only to put it in my scarf, but just to make the original pattern, and also put that design on everything. Yeah.

I also found this fantastic Pinterest post with SO MANY patterns. And I couldn’t resist these butterflies. So I think I’m set for a little!

Happy Saturday


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