The thing about stranded knitting

Is that even some knitters who are far more experienced and could easily outmatch you in all other respects will look at your work and say “wow, you’re so talented, I couldn’t do that.” This was what happened to me last night when I went to the Knit and Chat at my LYS, and picked up the “Winter Wonder Mitts” from ages back, because I felt like I was going to need something more complicated than my current obsessions to not look inferior to all of the crazy knitters there. 

My worries about the level of skill in the group were of course unfounded, all stages of knitter were present, and even if I had been a total beginner amongst experts, they would have taken me in nonetheless. So that was nice. Perhaps I’ll go back next week 😉 

(No pictures unfortunately, I was too focused on the knitting :P) 

But, in other news:

The Flax baby sweater has finally had all of its ends sewn in, though no blocking has been attempted, because I’ve never done that before, and I need to watch about a billion more YouTube videos on it before I try. But hey, it’s something!

In the corner there you can see the tips of some socks poking out, those are my most recent FO, another pair of Rye Socks for my grandmother, who has been feeling poorly.


These were made in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in the colour Fairy Tale, and they took a bit over one skein. They aren’t as soft as the others that I’ve done in Lion Brand Fisherman’ Wool and Cascade 220 but I couldn’t resist the colour, there is nothing like a deep pink to make someone feel above the weather!

And finally, spring has sprung, once and for all (knock on wood). I know I’ve been saying that for a while, but Waterloo has been very fickle, and it has changed its mind about spring a few times. But this time I’m confident it’s actually here. 



I thought the bunny statue in the last one was too cute to resist. He lives with the lovely yellow rose above him.

(Try to ignore my finger in that last photo) 

Happy spring everyone!


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