It’s becoming a problem 

Recently, I’ve made a lot of things. Mostly for other people, mostly last minute. I’ve made loads of Rye socks, and loads of those scrappy scarves, and I bought myself the materials to make a me-sized Flax sweater. 

But somehow I never get to the FO pictures. 

I think it’s because the projects are far more exciting to me when they’re on the needles, so I never really want to pick them up and photograph them after that… 

Or because I haven’t really had time. I’ve been giving away the things I’ve made as fast as I can make them. 

So, here’s another WIP picture, of a new blanket I cast on, inspired by those scrapulous scarves to use up every little piece of random stash I can. 

And a few more pictures of my life:

  The beautiful sky last night

  Double chin selfies with Orientation Week friends

  The little chipmunk friend I made outside one of the science buildings. I sat and watched this little guy for ages, he kept running up and down the tree branches.

 He was just too cute to handle. He dropped a berry on my head.

  This handsome fellow graduating university (I feel old…)

  These beautiful peonies, that lasted all of two days before being destroyed by wind and rain. Alex asked why anyone would grow flowers that were so heavy that their stems couldn’t support them, and the answer is that they are beautiful, even if they are only beautiful for two days, in that crowning glory of colour, they are the most beautiful things, and that makes them worth the hassle.

I’m learning to find beauty in things around me, especially in places that I never thought there was beauty before, like the ugly bits of stash that I haven’t wanted to look at suddenly becoming a cozy blanket.

Happy Sunday everyone 🙂 


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