Is it really destashing?

I’ve been a total stash knitter recently, and it’s great. I’ve really enjoyed just rooting through the stash and finding using for those random label-less balls and those single skeins of Cascade 220 that I bought simply because I liked the bold colours.

So yeah, I’m destashing, I’ve been 100% knitting from stash for months now. 

But I’m still buying yarn.

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I seem to be buying yarn and not using it, just feeling it and staring at it, and enjoying how it looks in my a stash.

So is it really destashing if I keep buying new yarn to replace what I use?

Stash updating. That’s what I’ll call it.

I’ve realized as I’ve grown into being a full-time knitter, I’ve become a bit of a yarn snob, all of the new additions to the stash are considerably better quality than what was there before them (it doesn’t help that Knit Picks had a sale). I mean, don’t get my wrong, if I see a bag of odds and ends at a thrift store for dirt cheap, I will not hesitate to buy it. But overall, my stash is becoming more refined, and more animal fibre based.

That being said, I love those bits and bobs that come in bags of jumbled up ends of balls. I love playing with the colours and textures to create interesting mixtures, and creating beauty from what a lot of people would have just thrown in the trash. To this extent, I’m currently more than halfway through my third horizontally striped scarf using those scraps and also incorporating some novelty yarns that I bought back in the day, and reflecting on, should never have purchased.

FO pictures to come



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