My big fat Greek Easter

Better late than never right?

Last weekend was Greek Easter, which meant getting smacked in the face with Greek culture, both literally and figuratively (there was an incident with a flag).

There was also a child (Henry) that was almost alarmingly enamoured with a head of a cooked lamb. 



And Alex chose to be fabulous in his grandmother’s hat. All in all, a good time. 


I was *so* excited to wear my Rye socks out for the first time to the easter party that I didn’t get to take an FO picture before they got all messed up. (I realized too late that I left you hanging with the yarn chicken. I finished them, with yarn to spare!) I regretted it at first, but it paid off because I met a fellow knitter! There was a sweet old lady that turned out to be Alex’s stepmom’s mother (step grandmother?) who pulled me over and said “I’m sorry, but did someone knit your socks?” To which I replied of course “I did!” 

I love meeting knitters in real life, I don’t know many, unlike a lot of knitter I don’t have a crafter’s circle or anything I go to (though I’d like to!) so we swapped knitting-isms. She was so impressed that I could turn heels, and I preened for a bit until she showed me her sweater that she had made that had more complicated cables than I had ever even dreamed about. I think she was trying to make me feel better about my simple socks. 🙂

So, in recompense for the lack of an FO picture for my maroon Rye socks, I have at least two more pairs of them on the horizon, because I just love the pattern so much. I’ve also suggested to three other knitters that they make some too (it’s a great beginner project, with enough interest for a more advanced knitter, it’s a perfect combination!) In fact, I even gave a kit for the socks to my friend Lisa as a gift. It’s Rye sock mania over here. 

It seems like when I knit, I knit in bulk. When I made hats, I made nothing but hats for six months. Now I’m knitting socks. But I am also knitting scarves, another of the scrappy scarves, like the one I gave Alex, but this time for a different Alexander, my high school friend Sandy! Stay tuned 🙂

Happy weekend!



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