Brought to you by Windsor Ontario

It’s a glorious day for a train ride. 

I’m on my way from Windsor to Toronto for yet another Easter (more on that later). The train is surprisingly luxurious, I’m not travelling backwards, and it has wifi.


That has to be the best news I’ve had all day.

So, as we leave Windsor





I’m deciding to take some time to finish the toe of my first jaywalker and cast on for a second. 


These have been worked on almost exclusively at work during my lunch break, so it’s taken a while, but I’ve almost done the first one!

There are so many mistakes in it.

But because they’re for me, I don’t mind as much 😉 

Anyway, here’s to a “bon voyage”!


P.S. It’s getting real agricultural out there. Which shouldn’t surprise me anymore, having lived in a farm town for the last three months


And a coyote just ran across a field. It’s surprisingly beautiful out there. 


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