The actual Easter post

I meant to post the previous one yesterday, so not on Easter Sunday. Oh well.

Every Easter our little neighbourhood has a parade. And apparently it’s pretty popular, one of the biggest in North America I think I heard. So, for anyone who missed it, a montage of the Toronto Beaches Easter Parade



An old streetcar welcomes us to Toronto


Quickly succeeded by a new streetcar (boy am I excited for these!) 


Marching bands:  the best part of easter


Old fire trucks are pretty cool too. 


Steel band!


And an old ambulance


The cub scouts were adorable as always.


Falun Dafa Chinese marching band part one


They look like they’re carrying wheels of cheese!


Old cars + bunnies = ?


Falun Dafa part 2, the bigger bit.


Local rock stars The Lost Boys





There were grown men lining up to have pictures with these guys. I love the way Star Wars affects people πŸ™‚


A (slightly portly) Darth Vader. There was only one this year, last year we had two and they fought each other the whole parade πŸ™‚


The Shriners, whose numbers are unfortunately lower and lower each year they come…


And the only true Easter Bunny, in my mind.

Hoppy Easter everyone



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