I’m coming home

Yesterday marked the beginning of a lot of travelling. Harrow to Waterloo to Toronto to Newmarket to Toronto to Newmarket to Waterloo to Harrow, in four days. But it means I get to go home for Easter, which is nice. It’s been a good long while since I’ve actually been back in my hometown.

This post should actually have been entitled “Rose got bored in a car and took lots of pictures”

But first, an update on our unreasonable weather:

This is Harrow, and that is slush falling from the sky.

The car ride wasn’t much better, we went through hell and driving rain to get here.

I might have exaggerated a teeny bit. But I swear it rained all the time except for when I took pictures!

And of course, I took photos of knitting, that’s what I do. A WIP photo for the Rye socks (the second sock!)

Which totally has a few mistakes in it, but they’re difficult to see so it’s okay.

And my project bag, that looks like a bag of Kernel’s Popcorn

And my cup of tea. This may not seem very important. But for someone like me that gets very carsick very easily, peppermint tea is a must. Anyone else have any carsickness remedies that work for them? I could use a few more…

Good old Timmies. Tim Horton’s is one of the greatest perks of being a Canadian.

And finally, an FO, which I took far too many pictures of because I was really excited about it 🙂


Not that you can tell anything from those pictures, because I got a little carried away with the zoom. It’s a scrappy scarf, knit long ways on a circular needle with built in tassels. It’s for Alex, he came to visit me in Harrow and promptly left his scarf on the Greyhound bus, so he needed a new one, and I honestly really enjoyed making this. It used up all my little odds and ends that I hadn’t been quite sure why I was saving. I’m now considering making one for everyone I know. New colourways will happen. It is based on the Snippet Scarf from Sugar Tree Knits, and Becky, it was a genius idea.

Genius I tell you.

When I began this blog post, we were on our way to Toronto, to the Beaches area where I live. The colourway of my scarf was inspired by this area, and I managed to catch it at just the weather I was thinking of:


And so it only made sense to photograph the intended recipient in exactly the right location! So warning, I got carried away:

Alex channelling his inner model, whom he calls Fabio


He even liked it so much he wore it out for coffee after

In fact he raved about it the whole weekend, it was extremely gratifying 🙂

Wishing everyone a happy Easter, and assuring there will be more posts because I took too many pictures this weekend!



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