Still a UFO

I put off posting yesterday because I *really* wanted to show off my finished gnome. But then I was ostracized from my own home (the roommates were watching the Evil Dead, and I for one cannot deal with horror). So basically, nothing got done this weekend. Meaning that I am stuck finishing the gnome today so I can give it to Kelsey tonight. Talk about working on a deadline.


So this is what my gnome currently looks like, sorry for the crap lighting, the fluorescents in our lab don’t lend themselves to good pictures. When I get home I need to race around putting him together and make a sweet something for tonight’s potluck (probably the No Bake Coconut Caramel Nest Cookies from Life, Love & Sugar), in celebration of, yep, you guessed it, Kelsey’s birthday. We make a big deal about birthdays in this group. Though admittedly, I’m the only one who ever makes presents. (And they’re always handmade, true to form.)

Anyway, the gnome pattern is the Travelling Gnome by Raynor Gellatly, and you know, I might have loved this pattern because it’s adorable, but I found it confusing the way it was written. First off, it was not very clear that this toy was not made in the round. I mean, it never mentions anything about knitting in the round, but every other toy I’ve made has been made in the round. So I went to the finishing instructions to see, because its obviously going to be very different finishing if its knitted flat versus in the round. And that’s when I got confused. You want me to mattress stitch where? Quite honestly, I’m just making up the finishing techniques at the moment, I think perhaps I’m doing it right? At this point I don’t really care, so long as he’s cute. But I have a feeling I won’t be making it again. Still, its a free pattern so who can complain? And I love the idea behind it, making the gnome in the story from Amelie.

Also, my day’s inspiration? (And the thing that’s getting me through my work day Monday with fantasies): This Purple Rain Hat pattern on Ravelry. Paid pattern, but looks so worth it, so pretty. Someone posted an FO on my Facebook page, and I just gaped at it.

Happy Monday everyone!

(No progress to report on the Rye socks, just wasn’t my weekend)


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