Oops I did it again.

I assume this has to happen to all knitters. I have no evidence of this, but I assume it must be the case. If not, then I am most definitely crazy.

I started the Rye Socks. And as I began to knit them, stitch by stich, I began to fall in love. So by the time I was a few inches in, I just couldn’t support the thought of giving them away. I love everything about the, the yarn, the pattern, just the way everything goes together, this is the third project I have tried to use this ball of Cascade 220 heathered maroon for, and the rest just haven’t worked, obviously because it was waiting for this pattern.

So, basically I’m keeping them. The resolution of being a selfish knitter has gone to my head.

What about that birthday on Monday you ask?


(I might be biased, because I really am in no mood to give these socks away. But like, yo, this is a cool present.)

See, I often worry that if I put a lot of time and effort into making something for someone that maybe they wont like it and they wont wear it. Case in point, earlier this co-op term I made my friend Ana (who is in no way at fault for this, by the way, if she sees it) a cowl that was of my own design. I think part of the reason I decided not to publish the cowl was that she’s worn it all of once. This is a girl who has no other scarf-type-things and its been really bloody cold here. Which of course leaves me to assume she doesn’t like it. And I don’t really mind too much, at least that cowl was more of a process thing.  But I still worry incessantly.

For the record, Alex, Alli, Judi Cummings, ANYONE who has given me feedback on how much they like and wear their knitted items, thank you SO much, you have no idea how good it makes me feel 🙂 (That is also a surefire way to make me think of you when I’m looking to make someone knitted gifts ;P)

So, this birthday present idea is brought to you by Anna Hrachovec of Mochimochi Land fame, who got me thinking of the idea of ephemeral knitting, that you will never see again and will never come back to you, but could have some international effect. I am speaking, of course, about her Project Gnome Diplomacy. For those who are unfamiliar the idea of the project is that you send her a knitted gnome by April 21st I think, and she takes it with her to Korea, where it will be part of a display in an art gallery in Seoul. The gnomes never come back to you, but I love the idea of my little, unique gnome going on a trip to Korea 🙂

So, the idea is that instead of socks, which she could totally buy if she wanted to, I make Kelsey a gnome. And she can either keep the little guy, or we can deck him out and make him unique, and then send him to Korea. So, if she doesn’t want to keep my gift, its still pretty cool that she can contribute to art with it 🙂

Comments on your thoughts on this idea are greatly appreciated 🙂 sorry for the lack of picture of my socks, but my work computer doesn’t have a webcam even, so it aint happening, until maybe when I get home.

And, another shout out to the amazing designers at Tin Can Knits, I seriously just want to make everything. All of the patterns are super easy to read and understand, and just in case it still wasn’t clear, there are oodles of tutorials to go with them. I am inspired every newsletter, and I just want to make ten of them every time I finish a pattern. People who have been following the blog: the Clayoquot Toque. I made that hat like at least three times. And I put the pattern into  my “my favourite things infinity scarf.” And I would totally make it again.

Two posts (and maybe more!) in one week, I’m on a roll!

Happy Tuesday!



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