I need to make a pair of socks in a week

Let’s just pretend last week never happened. It was a pretty crappy week, better to wipe it from my memory than make excuses for it. 

This week will be better with any luck. 

As regards the title, there is some background. 

When I moved out of the city of Waterloo and into the small town of Harrow (for a four month work term), along with ~20 other co-op students, I thought “well I’ll have lots of time, I’ll make everyone who has a birthday while we’re here a present”

Of course, I forgot about this birthday. 

So I needed a present for next Monday. 

And the nice folks at Tin Can Knits inspired me as always with their newsletters, in which I fell in love with the Rye Socks

And I thought “It’s in worsted weight, I can do it”

I hope I don’t regret my decisions.

So, armed with my new needles that just came in from Amazon, I’ll attempt to make the fastest pair of socks I’ve ever made 🙂

Wish me luck 🙂



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