Belated Sunday

I missed the Sunday post. I’m already not doing so well on this “once a week thing” but I’m back and it’s a Monday but close enough!

As of yesterday, I had some significant progress on my new jaywalkers, but it is significantly less significant today, as I has to take back a solid inch because I’d messed up. But now were back on track!


For a yarn is that isn’t supposed to exist, this has WAY exceeded my expectations, it seems to be doing a self striping thing that took me by surprise, and because of the nature of the jaywalkers pattern, it forms these nice little chevrons, so right now, I’m super impressed. It’s not especially stretchy yarn, but I love the colour and the way it feels, so I have a feeling these are going to be some nice socks 🙂

I’m currently on a mission to beef up my sock drawer, so this is not my only pair of socks on the go, I also have my purple ribbed socks, which are *so close* to being done!


I’m just finishing the heel flap of the second sock. These socks are admittedly being done in cheap wool, some “Woollike” acrylic from Michael’s, so they lack a lot of stitch definition, but they’re still soft and springy, so I’m not complaining too much 🙂 I’m also probably going to get two pairs out of one $3 ball, so even by store-bought standards, these are pretty cheap socks, not including labour costs of course!

So I have my sock work cut out for me, as well as a myriad of WIPs to finish (don’t we all)

Happy Monday!


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