I got a little ahead of myself

I started this blog to keep track of *everything*. So I could keep a record, and look back and think “hey, thats what I knitted then.” Which was such a nice idea, but it happened upon me at the wrong time in my life. I mean, I knit a lot. And I barely even have time to do that, let alone document my adventures. What was I thinking?

I stopped writing because I felt like this blog was making me anxious and that was totally not right, not on, its supposed to relieve stress, not cause it!

And I think I got a little ahead of myself 🙂

So I’m going back to the beginning, starting again, and keeping it moderate.

I plan to post every Sunday, just once, one little post.

So, post number one, lets go.

Way back when in the summer, I indulged in a little (okay a *lot*) of thrift store yarn shopping. And I found the “Neveda Ilona” yarn, that apparently just didn’t exist on Ravelry or on google! I was very enthusiastic about it, but I really wasnt sure what to make with it… I didn’t even know what weight to classify it as!

So, having gotten into a bit of a sock knitting phase recently I thought it was time to turn it into some socks. Let’s just note that this doesn’t mean I’ve knitted a lot of socks. It means that I’ve been obsessing over them. Like, getting books out of the library (I’m loving reading through “Toe-up Socks for Every Body” by Wendyknits, it’s been inspiring me), reading through blog posts about socks (I’ve been going through Glenna’s archives, I’ve actually got her her Nice Ribbed Socks on the needles in a pretty purple), and buying sock yarns in bulk (I raided the Knit Picks sales), because I realized I had a pretty pitiful selection for someone who is trying to reinvent themselves as a sock knitter.

Yeah you heard that last bit right.

That’s the goal for 2015. To become a sock knitter. Because I love handknit socks, but I only have two pairs that I’ve made for me, one is in a DK weight in some cheap acrylic yarn, so I don’t love them, and the other currently has holes that need darning, and that makes me sad. As part of this sock knitting thing, can I also say that I’m becoming a selfish knitter. Because I need more socks.

This of course doesn’t mean that I’m not juggling presents for people as I always am, but when I’m not, I’m knitting for me 🙂

Back to the Ilona:

This is the bare bones of what will become a pair of Jaywalkers.


Unfortunately I’m not allowed to touch them until I put some concerted work into my paper that is due Tuesday, but I’m hoping the promise of a new sock project will spur me forward and make me productive!

These won’t be exactly as the pattern calls for, the Neveda Ilona i have pinned as a light fingering weight yarn, so it’s a bit thinner than the pattern calls for.. Which means that I can use my 2.5mm needles (my order of 2.25mm needles has not yet come in). This was my hope at keeping the gauge at a decent place, we’ll see how it goes, I may need to adjust as I’m knitting.

Happy Knitting! It feels good to be back, but also have this venture be manageable 🙂


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