Where does the time go…

This is the thing about being a student.

Sometimes, time just leaves, and you’re not sure where it went to, then you stop and think about it for a moment, and you realize “oh, yeah, school. That’s where it went.”

So, as I update, there will either be one really long post, or quite a few posts one after another… standard right?

First off: I may have been absent from the blogosphere, but that doesn’t mean my needles have been totally idle!

Project 1: Way back in the summer I started the Winter Wonder Mitts. Then I promptly put them off because they were seasonally inappropriate. So, when it became appropriate again, and when I was trying not to die of stress (so, like, always? Yeah but this was exams, this was different) I picked them up again, finished the first mitt:

IMG_2447 IMG_2445

Then realized I’d been a total ditz, and didn’t have enough white wool to finish the job. And because I was using up random stash at the time, I had *no* idea what kind of wool it was.


So, the kind folks down at Shall We Knit? (my Waterloo LYS) suggested Cascade 220, in either White or Ivory. Huzzah! The project was saved!

Not quite. When we went to compare the colours, we realized they were out of BOTH of those colours, and the stocks… Well, they were supposed to come in last week. So that left me, pardon my language, shit out of luck. So, I’ve shelved the Winter Wonder Mitts again, and hopefully I can complete the second mitt before it gets cold again next year.


The mitts are back in progress! On the day I was scheduled to leave Waterloo for the next four months, because I’m going on a work term until April, I dropped by SWK, and said, please, please tell me you have the new Cascade 220 stock in.

And she said

“No, sorry”

So I contented myself with buying way too much yarn for an as yet undisclosed project, and sat in the back of the shop winding it all from skeins into balls, because I’m cheap and don’t have my own winder, when a truck pulled up.

I had this idea I’d make it super suspenseful, and describe in excruciating detail all of my apprehension when the owner went to the door to see who it was, but you already know it was the right truck. So I got my wool.


Project 2: (and 3, and 4, and 5)

When I last left off, I was talking about a hat. This one right?


So yeah I finished it. But for some reason it just didn’t sit right. Something was wrong. And then it hit me.

It just wasn’t Alex’s Hat.

it just wasn’t. I don’t know what about it wasn’t for Alex, but I knew it was the wrong pattern, the wrong wool, just wrong! So it’s gone into my christmas gift drawer.

And then the lovely people at Tin Can Knits sent me an email saying “Hey, we’ve got some nice hat patterns.” And I fell madly in love with the Clayoquot Toque pattern. And within moments of the beginning of this torrid romance, I knew:

This was Alex’s Hat.

So I looked at the stash.

“Hey, this isn’t bad, grey looks nice on him, and he likes purple.”

“So it’s totally not the right weight for the pattern, nor do I have the right sized needles, I’ll just make a smaller size.”

I used somewhere between worsted and DK weight wool on 4.5mm needles. And I thought, well, he’s got a big head. I’ll make an adult medium.


His head isn’t quite *that* big.

(But luckily I know someone who does have an unreasonably sized head, so thats another christmas gift off the list!)

So I started again.


And when I cast it off, two days before Alex’s birthday, I had this sinking feeling. This wasn’t the hat.

It was the right pattern… but the wrong… something. Maybe it was the wool. I’ll never know. It just wasn’t right.

So I went back to the stash… I don’t have any more of that weight. Back off the the LYS, in which I purchased far more Cascade 220 than I needed. (Side note, has now become my favourite yarn, every colour under the sun, a joy to knit with, and mercifully inexpensive.. oh yes, the broke student in me likes that point very much :P)


And I FINALLY put together a hat, that I cast off day of, and stitched in the ends about an hour before I gave it to him. (Needless to say, it wasn’t blocked, but I think it looks alright… it’s always either on his head of scrunched up in his pocket anyway).

Cue picture of the hat-wearing Alex, who is as of recently the owner of a COMPLETE honours thesis. Congrats Alex 😛

IMG_2464 IMG_2465

I would also like to do a small gallery of Alex wearing my purple hat that I made ages ago, because it has this wonderful quality of making his ears stick out so he looks like a gnome 😉


I thought it was funny.

So anyway, I now have an excess of christmas hats 🙂


(For anyone interested in making the toque with Cascade 220 and 4.5mm needles, my mods were to make the “toddler” size (I know…) and to make the hat just slightly longer than the pattern called for.)

Those are all of my FOs! I know it doesn’t seem like much, but… well it’s been a busy term, and that mitten took far longer than it should have! (Excuses)

The last very exciting thing on this post is that the quality of my pictures is about to go up! It’s still a phone camera, because I can’t really afford a nice camera, but it’s a much much better phone, a christmas gift from the fam 🙂 So stay tuned!


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