I promise there is a knitting-related post that also contains an apology for being so absent on its way. It’s in the draft stages, and needing some photographs.

But there was a thing I had to share.

Apparently armageddon has descended on Waterloo, and it’s beautiful.


It’s unfortunately a terrible picture, the sky, which looks like a normal sunset colour in the photograph is a very angry orange in real life.. Which I suppose should be an encouragement for me to get a better camera.

As I was trying to photograph the frighteningly beautiful sky outside, I was reminded of my friend Alli, and felt like this was something she would have been able to photograph much more effectively than I. Alli, I wish you could see this sky, and I really hope you don’t mind my pulling a few of my favourite photos from your facebook page because I really want to exhibit just how much better you are at this whole photography thing than me… and until I become a photographer, the next best thing is to admire your work.

The Alli-gallery:

alli 1

alli 2 alli 4

Have a nice day everyone, hopefully the view from your window is as beautiful as mine, and if it’s not, you have enjoy the eye candy above.


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