Making (internet) connection

It’s been a while. There are all sorts of excuses here, school started, I got sick, we got a cat, I actually have a social life, etc, etc.

These would all be decent excuses, and are all true, but the biggest barrier to my posting/having access to patterns is that I don’t currently have internet.

Yes, my fancy new apartment building doesn’t do wifi, and it simply hadn’t occurred to me that “Internet included” referred to Ethernet. Seeing as my computer doesn’t have an Ethernet port, this was an issue. I’ve spent a significant portion of my time in BUGS (the Biology Undergraduate Student’s Society) using the school wifi connection to submit assignments and attempt to keep up with social media.


There are a lot of board/card games that are played regularly in BUGS, this one (Coup) is really popular at the moment because it is
a) New, just arrived this morning and,
b) Not Magic the Gathering.

Magic is absurdly popular in this room.

Unfortunately, it’s a small room, that usually is quite full, so knitting is not normally approved of. And, because of this terrible stuff:


I’ve barely had time to knit.

(I did manage to start of the new Yarnspirations Mystery Scarf Knit-a-long, which will hopefully have an updated project page on Ravelry soon, and some pictures on here when I get around to taking some. I don’t spend a lot of time at home, so taking pictures of non-transportable knitting is a rare opportunity. This should hopefully change when I manage to set up a router and have internet at home.)

This post is basically to say I’m not dead, and I will hopefully have more knitting content when I have internet at home. As is, I’m going to up the interest value of this post by adding some adorable pictures of my cat. her name is Buttons, but she she occasionally referred to as Beyoncé by my roommate Steph, Thea (thee-a, not Tay-a, Ancient Greek for goddess, modern Greek for aunt) by my roommate Katy, and Bee by me 🙂





Enjoy the adorbs.


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