Just some more hats

Because yard sales include a lot of sitting and doing nothing, I actually got some work on my second Zac’s Hat done (project page here).

IMG_2117   IMG_2118

Usually when I make hats out of random stash yarn, I choose colours and I’m not sure how they’ll go together, but I always end up liking them. I began this one the same way, assuming the colour combo would grow on me, but so far it hasn’t… The variegated yarn I’m using has very long stretches of colour, and I think it makes it look a bit messy. Also the red and the green in the same yarn isn’t working for me as much as I expected it to… But I LOVE the teal. This is perhaps my favourite stash yarn… I wish I knew what the make was! Darn these label-less stash yarns that I love!


It’s really difficult to properly capture the colour of this yarn, and the texture is so nice, sturdy but soft. I’d like a cardigan out of this…

These hats have given me an opportunity to practice making jogless stripes (excellent tutorial here). I haven’t quite mastered it, but it’s pretty close. It’s not too noticeable, and most people are just so enamoured by the fact that someone just gave them a handmade hat that they don’t even care. 


 I feel like it’ll be a couple more hats until I have the technique down…

Which is probably good, my hand-knit hats have become really sought after! I’ve made a few for some friends and now all the people they know want them! A family friend is jealous of the one I made for his son, Taylor (who I will probably ask for a picture of him wearing the hat) and has asked for one himself.. Al is a potter by profession, and I reaaaallly want to take a pottery lesson.. Maybe I can trade him? 😛 

I’m also planning a hat for my friend Andy, who is being a total dear and letting me crash at his house for a few days until my lease starts on my apartment! Thank-you hats anyone? 



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