August loves, inspired by My Sister’s Knitter

Andi at My Sister’s Knitter posts her “loves” every month, which is basically just things she loves, and I think that is a fantastic exercise in positivity, and a great excuse to share some positive things. So here are my August loves:

From the blogiverse:

Tanis, from Tanis Fibre Arts has a gorgeous sweater that she isn’t sure about. I love the colours, and I don’t think it looks too citrusy, I think it just right, so I figured I’d give her some love. I adore everything Tanis does, her designs are beautiful, especially this Coolbreeze cardigan (when I’m rich enough to buy her yarn, I’ll be making it) and the colours she creates. Her latest Etsy update is also splendid, so that can be in my loves too.

Stephanie Peal-McPhee (The Yarn Harlot) made a beautiful beautiful shawl for her sister’s wedding… I’m jealous!

My Sister’s Knitter is helping us tackle our WIPs with a KAL! Yayyy! Blog post here.

I’m still laughing at K2together’s post about how she wasn’t able to write her blog because she was in a knitting frenzy. Old post, but I find it still current 🙂

That’s a lot of links! 

Just a couple things from outside the blog world:

Cheesecake! I’ve been on a total cheesecake fix recently, and I’ve been making them for everyone I know who deserves some sweet appreciation. Thanks to my friend Hannah for a fantastic recipe, anyone have a great one they want to share? I love shaking things up 🙂

This blog! I’ve been so happy and relaxed since I started writing, and it always makes me happy when I have someone read my posts, I really hope I have the time to keep this up over the school year! If not, the goal is to just keep knitting, cause that also lowers the stress hormones. 

And lastly, knitting as a force for bringing people together. I posted a few days ago about my friend Eric and his knitting adventures. Before this summer we were more acquaintances, we had mutual friends. And then he saw me knitting, and said “will you teach me?” and from there we’ve grown to be super close friends, and I’m really happy 🙂

That’s all for now folks!



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