And there goes my weekend…

WARNING: This post contains a lot of dog pictures. I couldn’t help it, they were so cute! If this is an issue, don’t read it, you’ve been warned! #tagyourtriggers.

I expected dog sitting to be this relaxing few hours where I could sit back and knit with a dog or two at my feet. I packed a huge bag of yarn and things to keep myself occupied… which I didn’t touch. 

All four dogs had very different personalities. Simon is the one I’ve spent some time with before, very calm, more likely to go to sleep than do anything else, and definitely not interested in your attention, sometimes even if it includes food. Simon is basically a cat in a dog’s body, he even sometimes has hairballs. 

  IMG_2110 IMG_0278

Simon, king of the stairs

                                                               Simon, king of the stairs

What I wasn’t prepared for was these three: 

Jersey Girl, the puppy

                          Jersey Girl, the puppy

Molly, the Majestic

                 Molly, the Majestic

and Buddy the Needy

                                               and Buddy the Needy

These three (especially that last little rascal!) were of the LOVE ME, LOVE ME, IMA BARK IF YOU DON’T LOVE ME school of thinking, so I had my hands full with constant petting and occasionally AHH I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH HANDS TO PET YOU ALL AT ONCE!

That knitting in the last picture? That was basically all I got done in the three hours I was there. It’s the start of another one of my hats, testing out Zac’s Hat again. I really want people to try it out, maybe I should find a group of ravelers who are willing to test patterns 🙂

They did calm down a bit, so I got a teeny bit more done… They sort of had a nap


But then, there was a rabbit in the yard, and everyone panicked


Except simon.


                              So not fazed 

I had the very adorable Jersey Girl sit on my lap for a bit too, so I had knitting+warm dog, which equals love.



So all in all, it wasn’t very productive (in terms of knitting!), but it also wasn’t terrible…

It seems like that’s most of what I did this weekend, which definitely isn’t what happened, I had a pretty big yard sale on Sunday to try to get rid of some of my stuff and make some money to fuel my yarn addiction, as well as packing to move out (again) on Saturday! It’s so soon, I can’t deal with it, I still have so much to do! As I say every year, where did the summer go?



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