Board game cafes.

I think the idea of a board game cafe is really cool. You go, you drink exciting milkshakes, and you can play board games for as long as you want. 

Within my group of close friends, there are a surprising amount of board game addicts, so when enough of us end up in the right city we make the pilgrimage to Snakes and Lattes in Toronto (apparently they also have a Snakes and Lagers, a board game bar… that could either go really well or really badly!). What ensues is just a chaos of board games and milkshakes. Before all that got started though, I had a chance to do some knitting related things:

Firstly, Zac’s Hat….on Zac!


IMG_2103 IMG_2105 IMG_2104




I got a little bit snap-happy. I was just really excited to have pictures of the hat on its namesake! 

I do have a brief thing to say about the hat’s current condition though, it’s very… Sticky. And for once it isn’t my fault! See, sometimes I’m a bit of a mother to the guys, I think, especially that one^^ (Though he’d probably take offence to me saying that!) So, of course, when he bought a bottle of pop and didn’t want to drink all of it at once, it went in my bag, because why would he ever need to carry his own bag, when I have one? A note for the future: Anytime Zac tries to put something in your bag, don’t trust that it’s fully closed, check. It leaked everywhere.. I haven’t dealt with the bag yet, because we were out late last night and I just wanted to sleep when I got home, but that’s a task for this morning… I’m scared, really scared… I hope the wool in that bag isn’t covered in sticky soda!

Anyway, the other exciting knitting thing that happened pre-board games is that I got to talk knitting a bit with Eric! Eric is a new knitter, I taught him the basics only a couple weeks ago, and after completing a square for practice he decided he was ready to move on to a scarf. So, I got some pictures of him with his scarf-in-progress.








IMG_2100      IMG_2101



I’m really proud of his work, it’s completely even, and not a flaw in sight… pretty good for a first project! Because Eric is an adventurous video game type, he’s deciding to make the Hyrule Warriors scarf. We found a pattern on tumblr by treewalking, but I tried to modify it to make it easier for a beginner. We’re only doing the Hylian crest on one end, and it’s being done on straight needles, and not in the round. So, we cast on 53 stitches, and he’s just knitting stockinette in blue until it’s long enough, then we’ll attempt to do the colour stuff. My thinking is that we’ll do it in stranded colourwork with the red, then I can duplicate stitch in the yellow bits.. If there are any other ideas on how to do this, let me know! Treewalking’s FO can be found here.

I’m dog-sitting for a bit today, so we’ll see if more posts on my upcoming projects can go up.

Ta-ta till then!


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