My first publicized FO!

You know when I said I was on a hat kick? 

I wasn’t lying. 



This lovely striped hat is my own design, and once I figure out how to work Ravelry thanks to these nice people (for anyone else who may be interested in publishing their patterns) it’ll be available for download. 


It uses three different yarns, all roughly DK weight (difficult to know, because I’m using yarn in my stash that has long since lost its label. That’s part of the reason I like these hats so much, they cut down my ridiculous stash by a bit)

The grey wool, which I’m calling MC, though I don’t know if that or the blue on is more dominant is a run-of-the-mill 100% acrylic yarn, which may or may not have been bought from a dollar store. I know, yuck, but this hat was me experimenting with different types of wool in one piece. The blue-green (CC1) IS A 100% wool variegated yarn (I classified this with help from an excellent post on the WEBS blog about how to classify mystery yarn) which I absolutely ADORE the colour and feel of… I wish that classification had included the brand so I could get more! And finally the white (CC2) is a fluffy mohair/acrylic/nylon blend. I actually had the label on that one, so for the record its a super soft and squishy Jaeger “Michelle with Mohair.” I’m usually really sensitive to mohair, but I found that the blend in this one was fine for my skin, and hopefully for the head of the wearer of this hat!

The intended recipient is my boyfriend Zac, but because I wanted to get this post up today I made my dad model for me:



I also wanted to get a picture of the top of the hat, the decreases create little ridges that I find quite fetching. 


Now all it needs is a name! The working title is “Zac’s Hat” but suggestions are appreciated!


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