Days 30 and 31


So, at the moment it seems like I’m exercising so often I haven’t had time to write about it, which is where you want to be right? If I suddenly stop posting, that’ll be why, which to me sounds very ideal. These days have been *great*, I’ve been working really hard on getting my life “on track” by doing all of the things that have been languishing on my to-do list for ages and cleaning up my house, I really feel like I’m getting somewhere this week. Eating is still my biggest challenge, and I wouldn’t be surrpised if I moved my posts just towards eating, because it’s still the thing I struggle with.


People around me are starting to realize that I’ve spent the last month becoming a bit of a “yes man” especially when it comes to exercise, I’m willing to try anything so long as I have a buddy. So when one of my coworkers found herself with extra time she said “hey, let’s go to the gym” and I was her willing partner, for two days running so far. I love exercising with other people, I find they really motivate me and I think both of us pushed harder together than we would have alone.

Viv’s gym style is unusual, she starts off with a workout on the cardio machines, which was the stairmaster one day and the stationary bikes the other, then stretches everything out, especially legs. She usually also does a bit of core, and on the second day we did a little bit of butt and thighs too, which was nice. Day 30 we went considerably harder than 31; by the second day we were pretty sore. So we did more cardio machines the first day, with some time spent on bikes and elipticals. On the second day, I was determined to try rowing, and as expected I was a fan, although I wasn’t wearing the right shoes… Definitely going to go back to that with different shoes!

The strange thing I’ve noticed about this “exercise but with lots of stretching” is that the soreness the next day is really weird. Becuase of the stretching the stiffness isn’t there, so it’s just more of an… ache. As in, I could move everything fine, but I just didn’t want to stand more often than I had to because it made my lower body ache. It was really strange!


This is the bit of the post I don’t look forward to writing. I’ve had a fair amount of Booster Juice these last couple of days, and my goal is to not let that happen again, I mean you could do a lot worse than Booster Juice but it’s not going to fuel you properly, only fill you up. Breakfast for both days has been the standard granola and berries and yoghurt, lunch on Day 30 was a weightwaters fettucine alfredo, and on Day 31 it was a greek salad, and dinners have been… not great. Day 30 was okay; I had my usual mac and cheese, but this time with the addition of vegan turkey, garlic, and parmesan, and Day 31.. pizza. I caved. I didn’t even enjoy it because I was so thirsty and still so full from the smoothie. I didn’t feel great after, so I hope that teaches me…

I also want to make it clear that I’m not shaming myself for eating pizza! I love pizza, and there is a time and a place for it, in the words of Chris from the 100Days youtube channel “I’m not going to go the rest of my life wihout eating pizza” HOWEVER that does not making a good thing to eat after a workout, because man did it make my stomach and just my body in general feel like crap.



Days 25, 26, 27, 28, 29

So, maybe I have a lot of catching up to do. However, in my defence, it was Easter weekend and I didn’t have internet


These days were pretty juxtaposed; there was some really major stress that went down in them, mostly related to work, but there was also some intense relaxation as I spent the Easter weekend in the glorious stillness of Lake Muskoka. Not having my parents around because they’re down south of the border for a month or so was really stressful, I had to make a lot of “grown up” decisions about my work, my finances, and my living situation without them for the first time. So it was really nice to get away to a place without wifi for a bit and just decompress after all that.


I’ll be honest, exercise in these days was a bit hit and miss. Two of the days (25 and 27) the only exercise I got was to go walking for a bit, which is better than nothing but still not what I would call an aerobic workout. Day 26 included two hours of kayaking and enjoying the nice weather, which meant a suntan and some seriously sore arms and shoulders… I wish I could do that more often while im in the city, it was a great workout while still being relaxing and fun!

Day 28 was an interesting experience, I did an abs workout with a future Olympian and hurt for days after. I couldn’t quite remember all of it, however to the best of my memory, here it is:

30s per each exercise


-side plank

-other side

-back plank

-leg lifts with a bend going upwards (because i dont know any of the name this is going to be interesting…)

-leg lifts with a bend going downwards

-superman (up and down, not holding)

-banana splits (superman but lifting opposite arm and leg)

-dead bug (raising opposite arms and legs)

-sit ups with your legs up, reaching your toes

-russian twists

-situps where you reach to touch your toes, but this time your legs are on the groun

-a hold at the end, where it was the “boat pose” from yoga for 15s, then with legs extended for the last 15s.

I’m definitely missing a few, but oh well 😛


I’ll be honest, the details of what I ate are now lost to me, however I know I ate well, and consistently, with lots of whole foods and veggies; I was being fed by *actual* adults. I know there was a very nice asparagus-spinach fritata, and some stuffed peppers, and at once point there were apple slices dipped in pancake batter for breakfast!

Day 24


Once again a tired day, and a day where I had a few bombshells dropped on me at work, so one of those days I will have to try harder than usual to keep my eating and exercising on track, because in the past a few bad days in a row have led to disaster.


Okay, I’ll admit I didn’t do anything more than walk to work and back tonight, but I think I needed a rest day, I’ve been so crazily tired recently that I needed a day to get back on track.


Breakfast was once again, a muffin, I’m going to keep eating those until I run out because they certainly don’t last long. Lunch was all you can eat sushi, which also meant I didn’t really want dinner at night either, which is completely respectable if you ask me.

Short update today because not much happened and I’m just so blasted tired. I’ll work on that, for now, goodnight

Day 23


I missed this post yesterday because it was a bit exhausting, I hadn’t slept enough and I was grumpy and tired the whole day. I tried my best to keep posititive, and I did alright, but it’s always harder to when you don’t have enough sleep behind you.

I’ve also found that the last few days have been really high anixety, and the boundary of “not okay” has been a lot closer to the surface, possibly because of the poor food choices I’ve made recently.


As much as I really didn’t want to, I stil managed to exercise last night, and I ended up glad I did. We went to the pool as we normally do and my set was (to the best of my memory) as follows:

100 free full

200 free kick

200 free pull

~400 free full at a faster pace (I used my swim buddy as a pacer – he’s faster than I am and has a height advantage, so I joined him for about 400m to get my heart rate up)

50 free kick (to get my heart rate back to normal)

200 dolphin kick with flippers

100 one-arm fly with flippers

50 free kick with flippers

50 fly with flippers

50 free kick no flippers

100 back (timed at 1:40, not bad for having tired myself out with that 400 earlier)

50 free kick cool down

A little all over the place, but it got the job done.


I did a little better on the not eating junk food front today, although I think I have a ways to go to eating enough nutritious food to fuel my body. I also don’t think I drank enough water today, which likely contributed to my mood.

Breakfast was two more slightly unappetizing muffins; if you have them with water they’re okay in the end, and I think microwaving them might be a thing to try. Lunch was the salad I purchased the day before with spinach, walnuts, blueberries, strawberries and dried cranberries. It felt good to be eating veggies again, because I kind of let life go off the rails a bit recently the vegetable crisper in my fridge currently contains no veggies, just alcohol.. Dinner was late, because I had it after swimmming, but it was pasta with olive oil and feta, which I made extra of to have in the next few days. I also had a few snacks on some popcorn and some malteasers.

Day 22


Today I started out grumpy, and feeling really insecure about a lot of decisions I’ve had to make recently, which meant the day started slowly and not super well. My pep talk to myself on the way to work was useful, and just rationalizing a lot of my behavior and decisions to myself throughout the day was helpful. I lasped into sadness a few times, but I’m fully determined not to let it get the better of it. The decisions I’ve been making are dificult ones, ones that I know I have to make to be able to take care of myself properly but also ones I wouldn’t have made in the past, when I was less aware of what I had to do to practice good self-care, so today’s struggle is keeping my confidence in myself and not letting insecurity hold me back.


I *finally* went for my first run since I moved here! I noticed a little running trail when I went for lunch, so I figured I’d check it out. Unfortunately I didn’t get too far down the trail before I started losing the light and figured I should stick to more brightly lit streets, but all in all I was out for maybe 25 minutes – not bad for someone who hasn’t run in ages!


Because of the ups and downs in my mood, my food sort of followed. I woke up late this morning and had no time for breakfast and no easy lunches to grab, so I took one of the dry and slightly unappetizing muffins from the weekend, and that was breakfast (it really wasn’t enough for breakfast, but in that kind of a mood it’s a success to get any food down me).

Lunch was another time of flux, I started off heading for my usual mainstay of a bad day; pizza. After downing a slice and half a bottle of sickly-sweet Brisk lemonade, I did the usual thing where I felt bad about my food choices. I ended up at a grocery store where I bought a banana and a salad. The banana was a great supplement to my pizza meal, and made me feel less gross and greasy, but after all that I was too full for the salad, so it has been saved for lunch tomorrow. I worried a lot today about how my ability to exercise today was going to be affected by my food choices, as in the past I’ve really been able to tell when I’ve made poor diet choices in the way that I feel when exercising. Hopefully this drives home once again the lesson that if you don’t fuel your body properly, with good food and enough sleep (and not poisoning it with alcohol like the weekend) then how can you expect it to do what you need it to?

I hit another bad spell around dinner time, which means I ended up eating late, so I went with my usual Mac and cheese… it could be a lot worse, but still isn’t great. It’s also the only thing I want to eat at the moment because my acid reflux has fired up after all my poor choices this weekend.

On the bright side I drank a fair amount of water today! I’ll post this then go get another glass 🙂



Days 19, 20, 21


I’ve realized that I stuggle more with weekends than during the week, maybe because the sort of routine I have during the week falls to pieces and maye because I travel a lot to go see friends on weekends, who knows. This weekend was not my best in terms of self-care, it involved a lot of late nights, some (maybe a little more) alcohol, and generally poor food choices. I think that next weekend I will have to make an active effort to make sure I stay on track.

However, in terms of mental health, I’ve had a fairly good week, I’ve for the most part stayed positive and kept myself going when I lapsed a bit, so that’s progress. However it took a lot of effort, likely because I was so overtired and I was eating badly, both of which can predispose me to a “bad day”.


I *sort of* managed the exercise thing this weekend, which I guess is better than it has been. Friday night I went to Glow-in-the-dark Yoga, which to be honest wasn’ta great experience, although it was still good exercise. I’m just not used to yoga where you can’t see the instructor, are to close to yuor neighbour and the music playing is not the soothing strains of yoga music, but blaring pop music… Personal preference 🙂

That music was much more applicable to Saturday’s exercise which was dancing like madwomen with my roommates on a night out on the town… that counts right? 🙂

Sunday I sadly missed my planned swimming because I got help up on my travels and didn’t make it home in time, however I did go for a walk when I got home Sunday by taking the long way home, so again, that counts right? 🙂


Food… totally fell apart this weekend to be honest. I think I averaged about 1.7 meals a day, which would have been bad had they been healthy meals, but they weren’t even that. I really have to make sure to get back on track for the begining of this week, because I know that sometimes a couple of bad days can make me just want to give up, which doesn’t help anything. I consumed a lot of pizza and Booster Juice this weekend, so another goal is to eat more fresh and home cooked food.

I *did* attempt to make some muffins as an easy breakfast, however they turned out super dry, so it just felt like the universe was against me eating well.

Better luck next week?


Day 17


It’s been a slow, tired day today that started slowly with a late morning. So, it certainly has room for improvement, I’m hoping to make the latter half a much more productive one!


Swimming today! I hurt my arm at work (too much pipetting) so it was a kick based day for the most part

100 free full

200 free kick

50 free pull

2 x 200 free kick with flippers

4 x 50 fly kick with flippers

200 free kick no flippers

100 free full

or, more or less, I don’t remember all of the messing around bit while I tried to structure a kick-based workout.

Also, I figure I should record my times for 100 back so far

I had a 1:37 when I first tried, and a very tired 1:55, let’s see if I can get it down by the end of this! (I think my PB is 1:22)


Breakfast was my standard granola with raspberries and yoghurt, although I forgot to add the ground flax this time! Because of the rushing out the door so I wasn’t late for work this morning, I didn’t have time to pack a lunch, so I had to go out for lunch and unforuntately succumbed to the call of poutine.. not my healthiest choice. I had some microwave curry for dinner because I was too lazy to deal.